Secret Space

"A feature length 2 hour documentary exposing the hidden history of NASA, and the organisation's links to The Illuminati network of Secret Societies. This film exposes NASA's secret space programme controlled by senior Occultists. We analyse UFO footage filmed by NASA astronauts whilst aboard the Space Shuttle and ask if NASA has secretly made contact with extraterrestrials."

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C MURRAY, you could not have been more right. (peace from Holland)
#3 - east side - 06/17/2011 - 05:06
Chock full of wide sweeping assumptions, based on nothing but nothing. I mean, really, they show pictures without giving the origin, then talk about some stuff, but you never know if the pictures are actually taken from what they are talking about. Like showing pictures of strange aircraft, talking about Nazi rocketry, talking about outer space, making UFO innuendos, then never really coming out and saying that the photos are or where they are from. Then they talk about Nazi scientists, mention some vague American intelligence project, throw around a few known American names, then never actually tie the ends together. And of course the video is rife with the same old blurry obscure images of "UFO's" that I've been seeing since I was kid (back in the 70's.) This goes on and one, taking up a huge portion of the film, without making any claims, without making any statement. It's just pictures with a sprinkling of leading commentary. Oh, and there's talk about underground bases, but there's absolutely nothing weird about underground anything. We have underground railways, underground water supply, underground animals, underground tourist attractions. I even have a portion of my own house UNDERGROUND! Obviously governments are secretive - much of North Korea's military and aircraft assets are underground. So there are underground bases. So? Showing a picture doesn't bring anything to the story. Showing me a picture and playing weird music isn't the only thing needed in a documentary. You actually have to do some research, make some points, demonstrate some probabilities. This video is for entertainment purposes only. True UFO researchers should boo and hiss this poorly done "work."
#2 - GreggRiggs - 03/23/2011 - 12:59
#1 - C MURRAY - 01/01/2011 - 07:07
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