Situation Critical - North Hollywood Shootout (2007)

"It is one of the most dramatic police gun battles ever waged on American soil. On February 28, 1997, two notorious criminals - dubbed the High Incident Bandits - carry out an armed robbery inside a Hollywood bank. They are spotted by undercover officers, and police act quickly to surround the bank. But the bandits are armed with thousands of imported steel-plated bullets, full body armor and five machine guns, including three AK-47s. Go inside the violent stand-off."

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very typical politically driven natgeo puff piece...90% factual, however, the other 10% is such blatant propaganda that students of history will surely be annoyed by OBVIOUS AND DELIBERATE MANIPULATION OF FACT(ex. this video claims the pair were emulating the movie "Heat" when, in fact the opposite is true, or claims that 9mm ammunition is useless past 30yds;which is actually ~1/3 the effective distance)

this video presentation gets a 1/10 rating for the snide british narration and agenda driven editing/omission of eye-witness testimony.

btw, one of the suspects bled to death directly because he was refused medical treatment for 70min after the shootout. as an emt it sickens me to see national geographic put forth such little objectivity towards the sanctity of life and historical fact.

i wouldn't hire this production crew to document a child's birthday party.
#1 - truth_fan - 09/17/2011 - 01:43
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